Team Members

Ian HewsonIMG_2963
Principal Investigator
Associate Professor
Department of Microbiology
Cornell University
Ithaca NY 14853
Tel: 607-255-0151
Fax: 607-255-3904
hewson ‘at’ cornell ‘dot’ edu

Here is my latest CV!: Hewson_CV_Sep2015

Kalia BistolasP1010987
Graduate Student, Microbiology

Elliot JacksonP1020041
Graduate Student, Natural Resources

Eva Marie Quijano Carde
DVM StudentEva
About me:
I am a veterinary student at Cornell and working on obtaining my DVM in 2018. My general interests after completing my degree require some more studying, but I want to specialize in marine animals and conduct research in the area of pathophysiology. The ocean has always been close to my heart, having grown up in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, and I consider the ocean to be the most peaceful place…there is nothing like the smell of salty seawater and the sound of the water moving to make everything okay.

Jacob Flanzenbaum
Undergraduate Researcher, Biology ’17

Mitch Johnson
Undergraduate Researcher, Environmental Science & Sustainability ’16

Chaunte Lewischaunte_picture
Undergraduate Researcher, Animal Sciences ’16

Team Aquatic Virus Alumni
Will Aragundi, Undergraduate Researcher 2010-2011
Jorge Barbosa, Technician 2010-2011
Julie Brown, PhD Student 2009-2015
Jason Button, Technician 2014-2015
Ashley Campbell, Rotation Graduate Student, 2009
Ryan Donelan, Undergraduate Researcher 2011-2012
Devin Doud, Rotation Graduate Student, 2010
James Eaglesham, Undergraduate Researcher 2011-2015
Erin Eggleston, PhD Student 2010-2015
Nicole Felice, Undergraduate Researcher 2009-2010
Parker Foster, Honors Student, 2014-2015
Shari Gitlin, Undergraduate Researcher, 2009
Brent Gudenkauf, Honors Student, 2013-2014
Adam Hall, Undergraduate Researcher, 2009
WenFang Li, Undergraduate Researcher, 2011 – 2012
John McAdams, Undergraduate Researcher, 2012
John Means, Undergraduate Researcher, 2009
Mizue Naito, Rotation Graduate Student, 2011
Will Najar, Web Programmer, 2012-2013
Phil Thompson, Technician 2011-2012


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